Ministry Position

Youth Director Job Description


Scripture is clear that parents are primarily responsible for their children’s training and instruction in the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Parents are specifically commanded to teach God’s Word diligently to their children (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9).

With that being the case, the candidate is responsible for aiding parents and families in their pursuit to raise their children with a Gospel focus.

The candidate will report to the Pastor and work with other leaders of the church to ensure that all ministries are consistent with the church vision of discipling our community in the name and love of Jesus Christ.

The candidate will have a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ and display that love through words, action and service.

The candidate will maintain a level of spiritual growth consistent with the biblical requirements for ministry and fulfill the role of shepherd in the home providing leadership for their family.


  1. The primary responsibility of the candidate is the stewardship and growth of the Youth Ministry through direct oversight and leadership.
  2. In this, the candidate will facilitate youth worship and Bible study as per the church schedule.
  3. The candidate will provide leadership and vision for the spiritual and numerical growth of the ministry through outreach and events.
  4. The candidate will cultivate leadership both from within and outside of the Youth Ministry. This is to include, but is not limited to, volunteer youth workers, and the Youth Committee.
  5. The candidate will stay in contact with the current youth and visitors and contact those youth who are absent from worship services.
  6. The candidate will build a growing Family Ministry team to effectively reach families in the community.
  7. The candidate will plan and conduct evangelistic and service events that will involve our youth and families in outreach to unchurched youth and families in our community.
  8. The candidate will provide leadership, guidance and evaluation of workers in the Youth Ministry, including background checks for all.
  9. The candidate will attend school events, which involve youth in the church. Example: Fellowship of Christian Athletes at local middle/high schools, athletic events and lunch with students as allowed by the school, when possible.
  10. The candidate will prepare and present budget requests for the Youth Ministry.
  11. The candidate will meet as requested with the Pastor and the Youth Council.


  1. Due to the nature of ministry work, in that it is demanding and one is never truly off the clock, the candidate is to be viewed as a salaried manager, not an hourly employee. This is a view of task completion, not punching the clock. Due to the fact that no two weeks of ministry is ever the same, there is no set expectation as to a specific number of hours the candidate must work.
  2. The candidate will be expected to attend all regularly scheduled worship services.


  1. The candidate will be a growing Christian who meets the biblical definition found for a Pastor in 1st Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1: 6-9.
  2. The candidate will be able to affirm the Baptist Faith & Message (2000), which is the doctrinal statement of the church and the Southern Baptist Convention, and articulate a personal understanding of doctrinal positions expressed in this statement of faith.
  3. The candidate will be a gifted Bible teacher with the ability to communicate biblical truths to the Youth in an engaging manner.
  4. The candidate will possess an outgoing personality with strong people skills who must relate well to all ages in general and to the Youth in particular.
  5. The candidate will demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with all members of the church and the church staff.